Lilly Rivlin

Award winning filmmaker Lilly Rivlin is the producer and director of Esther Broner: A Weave of Women. The title is taken from a novel by Broner which was set in Israel. As a “Seder Sister” and co–creator of other rituals with Esther Broner, Rivlin is in a unique position to tell Esther’s story from the intimate perspective of a confidant and friend.  Esther Broner was a devoted wife and mother, noted writer and activist with a wide circle of women friends most of whom attended “The Feminist Seder” over many years.  

The film will weave together all the aspects of Esther’s life, her influence on the Jewish world, the evolution of the Seder, and the inevitable aging of the participants. The threads of the film will tie together interviews with the women who came together each year to create a dramatic female narrative for the Feminist Seder.  In the last year of Esther’s life her “Seder Sisters” took turns visiting and having dinner with her each week. This became a lasting bond in the tapestry of friendship and spirituality Esther began to weave so long ago.

Upon completion, Esther Broner: A Weave of Women will be exhibited at Jewish Film Festivals and at universities with women’s studies and interfaith programs.  

Lilly Rivlin’s past work includes the films The Tribe, Miriam's Daughters Now, Gimme A Kiss, Can You Hear Me?: Israeli and Palestinian Women Fight for Peace and the multiple award winning Grace Paley: Collected Shorts.

The Producer’s Circle

Marcia Freedman, a former member of Israel’s Knesset, has generously volunteered to coordinate the Producer’s Circle, [see list] a group which has been formed to raise the funds for the making of the film.

Anita Altman
Sandra Butler
Marcia Freedman
Nan Gefen
Vivian Gornick
Barbara Kane
Hannah Kranzberg
Michele Landsberg

Sue Leonard
Kathleen Peratis
Alison Pepper
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Bert Pogrebin
Gena Raps
Kathryn Sklar
Gloria Steinem

Making a film about Esther Broner is a work of the heart.